Disaster Relief

Flash Flooding in Baton Rouge, LA

The kids heard the story of Myra Ingram on NPR.  She had lost everything in Hurricane Katrina including her daughter (who had just given birth).  Unable to withstand the thought of flooding again, Myra moved with her grandson from New Orleans to Baton Rouge.  Years later, her home flooded again.  The youth groups jumped into action collecting school supplies, food, and necessities for Myra and her neighbors.  They even raised enough money to cover appliances that weren’t covered by flood insurance.  The kids packed up everything and headed to Baton Rouge.  They worked in Myra’s neighborhood and two others, cleaning up debris, mucking out houses and feeding hundreds of people in the area. 

Naples & Immokalee, FL: Responding to Hurricane Irma

Once the Hurricane blew through the state of Florida we jumped into action gathering supplies and food for those in need. With friends from all over the country including KY, TN, and Florida we were able to feed thousands of migrant workers in Immokalee as well as senior citizens and volunteers in Naples, FL. God’s Pit Crew even stepped up donating mattresses to those who had lost everything, and helped add more blessing buckets and water to our supply. We worked for days to distribute necessities to those in need. Thank you to all the volunteers who jumped into help!! You were an absolute blessing.

Flood Relief: Johnsonville, SC

After hearing that floods had torn through Johnsonville, SC just a month before Christmas, the kids decided they wanted to help brighten the town’s holiday. With the help of Carrollwood Day School and amazing volunteers they collected toys and basic necessities for the entire town. With Santa and Wrestling Legend Chris Jericho in tow, they delivered Christmas to Johnsonville with food, presents and more. The next day, the kids grabbed tools and went to work with God’s Pit Crew to help clean up damaged homes.

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Disaster Relief

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