America 4 Boston Prayer Canvas

The America 4 Boston Prayer Canvas is a record of prayers, wishes, and words of comfort throughout America after a terrrorist attack.  Seven moms went into action after the Boston Marathon bombing with the intent to show that the good in the world outweighs the evil.  Starting with one canvas, the project grew to cover the Boston Common and created a healing laberynth for Boston.  The canvas includes messages from congress, professional sports teams, celebrities, schools, churches, synagogues, and beyond.  The project was free and available to everyone and in the end had more than 200k people participate.  It has been featured at Fenway Park, on the Marathon Finish Line, hospitals, and airports.  To this day, it is one of the largest records of what American citizens were thinking and feeling after a terrorist attack.

Roll Call

Members of Congress Sign Boston Marathon Memorial Quilt

On Wednesday, the Kentucky Republican hosted Wagner on Capitol Hill and invited his colleagues to add their signatures to a piece of the massive quilt she designed as part of an art project to honor the victims and survivors of last year’s Boston Marathon bombings. “It started as a small project last May,” said Wagner, of the massive grid of 6-foot-by-18-foot canvases that evolved over the course of a few months into nearly… (read complete article)

Boston Magazine

‘America 4 Boston Prayer Canvas’ to Be Unveiled After Traveling the Country for 11 Months

For the last year, giant canvasses have been passed around the country, collecting messages of well wishes from people as far away as California and as deep South as Texas, all for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. They’ve been to Capitol Hill and signed by members of Congress. Baseball players participating in the All-Star game made their … (read complete article)

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America 4 Boston Prayer Canvas

The Big Hug

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